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Giới thiệu

Body Shape – Gym Thao Dien has a variety of services available to our members such as numerous classes, different teaching styles, highly qualified trainers and coaches, top notch equipment (Nautilus and Shwinn) and most of all, an accommodating attitude.
Body Shape – Gym Thao Dien is conveniently located in the heart of Thao Dien Ward of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Within few minutes walking distance you can easily reach us as the best service of fitness Thao Dien from all the major housing areas of Thao Dien and An Phu, such as: Hoang Anh Gia Lai Riverview, Thao Dien Pearl, BP, An Phu and AVA Compounds and major commercial centers as: Cantavill, Metro or An Phu and An Nam Markets.
With such a close proximity to AiS (Australian International School), BIS (British International School), TAS (The American School Of Vietnam) and ISHCMC (International School of Ho Chi Minh City), GiS (German International School) area, Body Shape – Gym Thao Dien is popular amongst teachers and expatriate families as well as Vietnamese residents.
Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, sculpt your body or get into a better shape than you ever thought was possible, our highly experienced experts will give you a helping hand in selecting or designing the program most suitable to your aims. We will work with you throughout the training program to ensure that you receive the results that you desire.
Body Shape – Gym Thao Dien’s key focus is all about providing an invaluable workout experience to make sure that you always get the best benefit of your time with us. The bottom line is, people come to us with a DREAM and they stay with us because we deliver RESULTS

Rehab and Injury Prevention

Recovery and return to pre-injury function depends on the work you input into rebuilding strength, range of motion, and confidence in the injured area. Movement and properly programmed rehab program is an absolutely key factor to the fast and healthy rebuilding of your ability to come back to your pre-injury capacity.
We have experience and knowledge to structure and lead a rehab training program addressing:
– acute and chronic pains, – post-injury rehabilitation, and – post accidents/surgery recovery.


Running is a biomechanically complicated process that should be performed with an understanding of body mechanics. The entire body partakes in the running and if any part of the body doesn’t perform its job optimally, sooner or later we may start developing discomfort or pains. Proper use of our feet, entire kinetic chain, spinal rotation, forces absorption, transition phases will determine benefits or problems coming out of this “simple” activity.
Common problems associated with running are:
– Shin Splints – Plantar Fasciitis – Knee Pain – Hips Pain – Lower Back Pain

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance.

Fitness Tests

Tests are performed according to client’s specific goals and current needs. These tests may include basis strength and endurance tests or/and cardiovascular fitness level.

Postural Assessments

The assessment will analyze how you hold your body against gravity and find posture problems that can then be corrected. Specific corrective exercises and stretches are recommended to help resolve.

Personalized Coaching

The Coaching option is also an excellent choice for active athletes who need a performance enhancement program without interrupting their regular training schedule too much.

Sport Performance Enhancement

Program specially designed for people looking to possibility to ensure improvements in real life situations and in sport. Sessions include strength, movement, mobility and conditioning.

Fitness Consultations

At Body Shape you will receive professional consultation regarding your goals and realistic milestones planning, taking into consideration your current and desired fitness level.

Personal Training

Training is about reaching for personal goals. We offer fully customized training programs and sessions under the strict supervision of one of our expert personal trainers.

Scheduled Group Classes

We offer selection of classes to satisfy the needs of the majority of our members. Our classes cover a wide range of preferences and interests, from Yoga, through Circuit Cross Training, HIIT, TRX…

Private Small Groups

This is a great option for sharing your workout with a group of close friends or family. You share your training with people you know and are comfortable with.

Handgrip Strength Test

The purpose of this test is to measure the maximum isometric strength of the hand and forearm muscles. Handgrip strength is important for any sport in which the hands are used for catching, throwing or lifting. Also, as a general rule people with strong hands tend to be strong elsewhere, so this test is often used as a general test of strength.